All about penetration

Vaginal penetration, the most traditional way of sexual intercourse, marks the end of virginity in women. Other sexual ways are also experienced by the partners at the time of the act, according to the preferences of each and sometimes for practical reasons. Source of pleasure to orgasm, penetration can still be painful.

Vaginal penetration

At the time of the sexual act, lovers can explore different ways to achieve carnal pleasure. The vaginal route remains the most widespread among heterosexual couples, this mode of penetration is the most conventional but also that which leads most often to the female orgasm.

Anal penetration: a male fantasy

Many heterosexuals find all the more pleasure in anal penetration. The orifice being narrower, the friction provides an amplified pleasure. On the women’s side, opinions are divided. Some take pleasure in sodomy; others experiment to give pleasure to their partner, others still refuse. The arguments of these last: the lack of hygiene, the too bestial character of the act or the submission induced by the position to be adopted.

In homosexuals and contrary to popular beliefs, anal penetration is not the only way to achieve orgasm. Many gay couples do not practice anal penetration, concentrating on oral pleasure.

Anal penetration remains a path taken by the couple when the woman is menstruating. In any case, sodomy does not present any risk of an unplanned pregnancy.

Double penetration: a rare practice

Double penetration involves 3 partners, or 2 partners and a sex toy. This practice covers several definitions: the partner is partially penetrated in anal and partly vaginal, or two penis at anal or vaginal. Widespread in X movies, double penetration remains taboo. Few are the lovers who experience it, even more rare those who do not hide it.

What to do when penetration becomes unpleasant?

Some women do not enjoy penetration. In the question: the clumsiness of the partner, the lack of letting go. For other women, it is not the lack of pleasure but the relationship pain that slows down the heat. Penetration can indeed be painful. In the question: a lack of lubrication, a penis too wide, sometimes medical causes.

Painful penetration is not inevitable. The woman who feels discomfort at the time of coitus can test various solutions to remedy it. Among these solutions: use a vaginal lubricant, promote preliminaries to stimulate natural lubrication, consult a gynecologist to detect a possible pathology. In the meantime, partners can focus on the clitoral area to avoid the pain of penetration.

Can you get pregnant without penetration?

before anal sex

No, it’s impossible to get pregnant without penetration. Pregnancy involves the meeting of a spermatozoon with an egg, and this encounter takes place in the body of the woman at the moment when the man ejaculates in it. Without penetration, no risk of pregnancy. When a woman does not use contraception, partners who want to have sex without having to have a baby should avoid vaginal penetration. They can nevertheless indulge in anal penetration, touching and oral pleasures – fellatio and cunnilingus – to have fun.

What protection for a safe penetration?

Vaginal penetration has several consequences, beyond sexual pleasure. The risk of pregnancy, which to protect yourself with contraceptives, and the risk of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).

Contraceptives: the pill, the IUD and the implant have the advantage of risk. Some partners practice the withdrawal or the method of calculation, more risky techniques.

STD protection: A condom is the only way to prevent STDs. Be careful, while the risk of pregnancy is zero outside vaginal penetration, STDs can spread through all types of penetration. Lovers who practice anal or oral penetration cannot do without it unless they have made the necessary prevention tests.