Check These Dos And Don’ts Before You Head To A Strip Bar!

Check These Dos And Don’ts Before You Head To A Strip Bar!

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Strip clubs, gentlemen’s club, strip bars, adult clubs – Regardless of the name, these are fun places. These are places where you go to have a good time with pretty ladies around, and it must be a wholesome experience. Of course, there are a few dos and don’ts, which are applicable to most places, even to San Francisco’s original topless strip bar. We bring a list that will simplify the basics before you visit next.

The dos

  • First and foremost, take cash along with you. You will need to tip the strippers, bartenders and waiters. Even many strip bars don’t accept plastic money for other bills.
  • Always wear good, clean clothes and take a shower before you go. If you smell good and behave better, strippers will come back to you.
  • Say a ‘no’ when you don’t want a dance. It is perfectly okay to do that, instead of wasting the time of the stripper, which is even worse.
  • Pay well and often. You are required to offer money at strip bars, and it is an absolute must, because that’s how most strippers make money.
  • Be respectful. Remember that strippers are just professionals doing their job, so always treat them with respect and avoid cuss words.

The don’ts

  • Avoid plastic money; it is usually not accepted.
  • Don’t get too excited with every stripper around. You can choose the one you like for a lap dance.
  • Do not explain why you don’t want a lap dance. As we mentioned earlier, you can just a say a ‘no’.Don’t be shy. As long as you treat strippers with respect, you are good.
  • Do not touch. That’s the gold rule at any strip bar. You are not allowed to touch them, even while getting a lap dance.

Finally, have fun. All strip bars are different in terms of ambience, food and other offers. Some may have free entry for a limited number of hours, while there are always offers on weekdays on food and drinks. If you plan to organize a party at one of the strip bars, check and book in advance, because these places are usually preferred for such events. Make sure that the food and drink menu is equally tempting, because you are expected to order so that the strip bar makes money.

Check the best strip bar close to you and head out on a weekday for more fun.

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