What You Shouldn’t Do For A Bucks Party (And What You Should Do Instead)

What You Shouldn’t Do For A Bucks Party (And What You Should Do Instead)

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When it comes to planning a buck’s party, all of the potential ideas that are floating around at any one given time can make the process of deciding a difficult one. Although there a lot of great options, there are also a few that, while sounding great on paper, can result in complete blow outs, and considering that it is supposed to be a fun night, this is the last thing you want. In this article we take a look at a couple of these things and also provide some suggestions about what you can do instead to ensure that the next buck’s party you organise is a complete winner!

It’s always a good idea to stay local

For those bucks who envision a strip club dance in some country far from Australia, travelling overseas often seems like the only logical thing to do for their buck’s. And it’s easy to see why – all of the fun and unexpected surprises overseas (along with the cheap booze and sunny beaches) make travelling to another country a very enticing prospect. Although there is the potential for the trip to live up to expectations, it will likely be the case that it will fail to – sometimes spectacularly. Whether it be delayed flights, getting sick overseas or visa discrepancies, there are a lot of things that can go wrong when big groups go overseas, and most of them are not cheap to fix. So, rather than all getting on a plane together, sometimes it’s easier just to get on a bus and explore some of the pockets of your state that you might not have actually taken a look at yet. This way you can spend the occasionally ludicrous airfare budget on some tangible and immediate benefits, whether that mean amazing accommodation, a large party, or an elaborate dinner with some of your closest mates.

Gambling isn’t as fun as you think it is

The glitz and glamour of the casino certainly has an alure, and the depictions of gambling in popular culture can mean that some people make the casino their grand destination for a buck’s party. If you think that your group’s budget will stretch out over the course of an entre night at the casino, you have another thing coming – along with some regrettable gambles, there will be a lot of very expensive drinks being ordered, and both of these mean you’ll probably be drinking cheap wine on the street for the rest of the night. Rather than blow your budget this way, instead invest the funds into a beautiful, elaborate dinner. You can order a few high quality wines along with your multiple courses and spend a good few hours eating, drinking, laughing, and generally having a good time. This also covers a lot of bases – you have your venue sorted, your booze for the evening sorted, and no one is drinking on an empty stomach so there won’t be any mid-evening runs to the bathroom.

Make your bucks better

Rather than opting for old and tired perceptions of what makes a good bucks, investing in some high quality times on your own turf can yield much more enjoyable results. Although these might seem a lot more tame than a trip overseas or a lavish hour by the roulette table, there’s a much better chance that the memories will be far better.

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