What are the superpowers of Wonder Woman in erotic cosplay?

In movies, Wonder Woman is the strongest superhero, even stronger than men, having godlike abilities and virtual invulnerability, thanks to her magic shield. This… raises the following question: do wonder women exist in real life? And, if they do, what are their special… moves? Well, if you are a fan of erotic cosplay, the answer is a definitive yes, and the best place to find this kind of ladies is – the newest and most complete website in the porn industry, with thousands of XXX scenes in HD, ready to make all your dreams and fantasies come… true!

In erotic cosplay, Wonder Woman has a few powers that make her much more useful than her on-screen counterpart. We will list them below, not before telling you that, on the website that we mentioned before, you can adjust multiple filters to your liking: choosing hair color (blonde, brunette, red, dark); boobs size (small, medium, big, huge); age (teen, young, mature, old); model (amateur, celebrity, recorded, hentai); and eye color (blue, green, black, brown).

Without further ado, here are Wonder Woman’s top abilities:

  1. Sucking dick. The most important ability of any woman, let alone Wonder Woman, is the fact that she can make her man happy. When it comes to the erotic cosplay HD video on where Wonder Woman plays the main role, she demonstrates this by firmly holding and gently sucking her partner’s fit cock. She puts it in her mouth and starts sucking it while maintaining eye contact with the camera. If you are stroking your dick while watching this scene, it will almost feel like you are sucked by Wonder Woman herself. Talk about a happy ending of the Justice League movie, right? 
  1. Showing her boobs. If you watched Wonder Woman’s movies hoping that she would show some skin at one point, then erotic cosplay makes your dreams come… true! In the XXX movie on, while sucking her man, you can clearly see the size and shape of her beautiful, big breasts. Even though she doesn’t undress her costume, the boobs are showing, and you can enjoy anything she has to offer. Who knows, maybe she will make a sequel, where her boobs will make a comeback, and she might also show her wonderful pussy. For now, we can just assume how magnificent everything is about Wonder Woman! 
  1. Swallowing the “potion”. In this erotic cosplay scene, Wonder Woman doesn’t only suck dick and show the contour of her boobs, she also licks her man’s balls, and, more importantly, swallows his special “potion”. Not every woman does that, especially those who think this is degrading or under their dignity. However, they must know that men are much simpler creatures, and this is one of the most beautiful things they could think of. Her man’s potion seems to be really tasty and to give Wonder Woman new powers, as she continues to smile and maintain eye contact!