Use the Pleasures Coming From the Cams

Use the Pleasures Coming From the Cams

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Cam sex or “Wirth” is becoming more popular these days. And this is not surprising: the chance to become pregnant is 0%, the chance to get infected with an STD is 0%, and sexual satisfaction is 100%. Cam sex is a pure pleasure. However, there are subtleties that you need to know before deciding to Wirth.Of course, it’s about how to communicate correctly with a partner. What and how to describe, what questions to ask, what to talk about? Can I turn on the camera? What should I do during Cam sex, and what is not allowed? How to make sure that others do not know about your “hobby”? Let’s understand.

Wirth without a prelude – not Wirth!

If you cannot caress each other physically, this does not mean that you should not do this in Cam. A banal phrase likes “What’s on you is wearing?” is not a prelude. Just talk for a while to get closer – discuss your attachments and interests, find out each other. Start from afar so that your conversation gradually flows to intimate topics.One should not treat a partner as a commodity. Questions like “What is your breast size?”, “How many centimeters?” And “Does your priest harness?” Do not excite at all. In case of jasmin cams you can also start with normal talk which gets intense later.

Is it possible to engage in Cam sex by video communication?

If you are sure that you want this, then why not? But be prepared for the fact that “sexy blonde” will be plump and not so sexy. Remember that the transition to video communication must be mutual and consistent.

Security of Cam sex

The only thing that Wirth can do harm is that the photo, video or correspondence of your pleasant pastime will be made public. Therefore, you should use special programs to communicate on the Internet, which additionally encrypt data and prevent them from getting into the wrong hands, deleting the chat history. For example, for this purpose, you can use the program “OTR Messaging”.

Communication and self-irony

What is the difference between Cam and porn watching? Of course, in communication! If you just want to experience an orgasm – take your favorite sex toy and masturbate. Wirth is much more than physical satisfaction. You interact with a real person at a distance and enjoy the communication with him, from the emotional closeness between you. So do not be afraid to seem ridiculous or stupid person, treat the events with irony and be sincere in your feelings.

How to avoid publicity?

Let’s understand one thing: you are not Hilary Clinton, who has wrapped a sex scandal for herself. You need to act as carefully as possible in order not to damage your reputation. Be guided by the motto “Trust, but check”. Do not engage in Cam sex with an unfamiliar person. First you need to know your interlocutor better. If you have an e-mail address, you can collect a lot of information about it, for example, after finding his profile in social networks. In case of jasmin camsthis is important. Both you and your Cam partner should understand that promulgation of intimate correspondence can strike a blow to business reputation, and that’s why after Wirth always delete your chat together.

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