The Party Supplies You Need for A Buck’s Party

The Party Supplies You Need for A Buck’s Party

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Organising a buck’s party can be a tough ask – not only do you have to wrangle a big group of often disorganised guys, but you’ll also likely be needing to manage all of the buck’s party supplies. Although there are sure to be things you remember, like drinks and (hopefully) food, there are quite a few little bits and pieces that are very easy to forget. And, with the buck potentially breathing down your neck to ensure that his time is as good as possible, you may very well be having a meltdown. Not to fret, though – in this article, we detail all of the important things that you may have forgotten to organise for your buck’s party. Then, you can sit back, relax and wait for the good times to roll. 

The basics for a buck’s

Hosting an awesome buck’s party requires a good amount of thought, and you’re obviously on the right path if you’re reading this. Although you may have already considered organising the strippers in Melbourne (perhaps you even had a cheeky squiz already a couple of weeks, or even months, ago), there are a few essentials that you should be thinking about first. The first, which should hopefully be obvious to the majority of organisers, is the booze. Have a firm understanding of what the buck prefers to drink, and ensure you get at least a few bottles of cases of whatever his alcohol of choice may be. It’s also a good idea not to cheap out on it – if your man is a whisky drinker, don’t set him up with a couple of bottles of Johnny Walker Red Label. He deserves better than that. It’s not just about the buck when it comes to preparation, though – consider what all of the other guests enjoy and ensure you get a bit of everything to cover it. 

All of the other buck stuff

If you’re getting booze, you need food. A big group of guys drinking on empty stomachs is a recipe for a bad time, and this is an easy way to avoid it. If you’re particularly lazy, pizza is an extremely convenient and always-popular idea. Plus, to spice things up a little bit, you might even consider getting something like a lingerie waitress in Melbourne to incentivise the guys to actually eat the food and not just drink endlessly. With the food and drink sorted, now’s a good time to think about the games and activities that you want to have – drinking in a big circle sounds like a typical Saturday night out, so you’ll need things to spice up the evening of the buck. Some classic games you can organise for the buck include a beer pong or quarters tournament, or you might even want to introduce a bit of class with a poker tournament (which is also a perfect application for your lingerie waitress). 

Don’t stress too much

We’ve just skimmed the surface when it comes to everything you’ll likely need for a buck’s, but a lot of it comes down to the buck himself – make sure you listen carefully to all of the things he likes (or doesn’t like) and incorporate these into his big party night. It’s also a good idea to ask other guests if you’ve forgotten something – there’s always someone who remembers something at the last minute!

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