The Finer results for You in Sex

One of these is the type of car owned by man, since the car, rightly or wrongly, is one of the most eloquent status symbols to describe the economic situation of its owner. That there is something more than the common place on the assessment of man in symbiosis with his car, shows a specific research conducted in Cardiff by researchers Michael Dunn and Robert Searle. With the furry sex games the deals get best.

The Very best Opportunities

In the center of Cardiff they stopped unsuspecting bystanders, asking them to assess the level of attraction they felt toward a subject of the opposite sex, sitting in a car. Men were shown a woman, women a man. They were always the same man and the same woman, with the same posture and the same facial expression, but taken with two different “backgrounds”: either sitting on a Ford Fiesta, or sitting on a Bentley Continental (at the time of the interview the value estimated this machine was 75,000 pounds – about 86,000 euros).

The pilot research showed that both the model and the model received an average aesthetic assessment (on a scale of 1 to 10), but that the male model, in the photos on the Bentley received a significantly higher evaluation than the photos he was on another car. Nothing changed instead for the male evaluations on the model: both when he was in the city car and when he was on the luxury car, he was judged “attractive” in the same way.

  • So the research seems to confirm what anthropologists have been saying for a long time: heterosexual women are attracted to rich men, while heterosexual men tend to be attracted to young and fertile women, regardless of their wealth. This is explained by the long evolution that we left behind: the women have had to worry about finding a rich and prestigious companion to ensure a future for their offspring, while men try to spread their seed, impregnating young and healthy women , ready to put their womb at the service of reproduction.

(What is strange is that the stereotype is also confirmed among the rich women, who, although already enjoying a high status and economic means are not indifferent, not for this seem to have lost their attention and their interest in wealth of the partner, unless it is an occasional relationship).

Another recent research that would confirm this theory is that conducted on British middle-aged and male subjects, who showed that rich men have more children than poor men: what does it mean? According to researchers, this means that women are more likely to marry rich men who are able to keep both their wife and children born to her financially.

The Right Statistics

Looking at the crude statistics, researchers Nettle and Pollet found that men earning £ 10,000 a year have on average one child, while those who earn 50,000 and more pounds a year have two children, or even more. Rich men are therefore more likely to find women willing to make children with them, having more chances to pass on their genes.