The Best Party Food for A Buck’s

The Best Party Food for A Buck’s

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If your planning a buck’s party, we know that there is a lot to plan for – venue, booze, entertainment and transport being just a select few – but there’s something that is all too often forgotten or left to the last minute: food. Having the right food for a buck’s party can mean the different between everyone hugging the toilet bowl all night and people having their fill of delicious, mouth-watering treats. In this article, we take a closer look at what kind of party food you should be offering up to the buck – even if you don’t know your way around a kitchen.

Where to get started with party food

Even the best strippers in Brisbane won’t save a buck’s party that has horrible food, or worse yet – no food at all. Despite being small in nature, you can definitely get some very hearty finger foods for a party that won’t blow the budget and are easy to make. These include things like sliders (think pulled pork and beef for omnivores, haloumi for vegetarians and lentil burgers for vegans), meatballs, gourmet pizza slices, flatbreads and hummus (you’d be surprised to know just how filling hummus can be). These foods can be pricey if the crowd is big enough, so if you’re looking to sretch your budget as far as possible, you can instead consider foods like pasta salad, not-so-gourmet pizza, nachos, hot dogs and sandwiches. If you’re aiming for a big dinner and have someone keen to man the barbecue, then your contribution of a variety of cold salads and their meat preparation prowess can lead to a very tasty buck’s spread indeed.

Low energy and last minute food ideas

Not everyone has the time, patience or cooking know-how to drum up even the most basic of foods for a party, and this is when the freezer section comes in mighty handy. If you need to quickly organise food for a lot of people, the freezer section at your local supermarket should have a wide assortment of very affordable and tasty little bits and pieces. If you’re responsible for the food at a relatively laid back buck’s where you know people won’t care if there’s lobster canapes and goats cheese quiche or party pies and spring rolls, then this might be a good option for you (to save on both time and frustration). You’d be surprised how much variety is possible with a  freezer run as well — great freezer food ideas can include things like Meatballs, pizza slices, spring rolls, dumplings and chicken nuggets. Although not necessarily a foodie’s dream, these snacks will do the job (and then some) after the booze has been flowing for a while.

Preparation is everything

With all of your food sorted, there are a few things you can keep in mind to ensure that everything goes off without a hitch during the festivities. First, make sure that everything is ready accessible – you should make people travel long distances to get their fill. Secondly, make sure to not forget about all of the necessary cutlery, bowls and serviettes to ensure people can actually eat the food without making a mess, and thirdly, preparing as much as possible before the party itself can save you a huge amount of stress and headaches on the day!

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