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The 3 biggest oral sex mistakes men do

Why should men be affected by oral sex and provide oral sex for their women? Because only 35% of women are able to expand sex alone. On the other hand, up to 60% of women can culminate oral sex. Men need good sex advice on oral sex because when oral sex is done correctly, the percentage of women upcoming orgasm. When a man wants to satisfy his wife, he will want to discover as many sex advice on oral sex as possible.

The problem is that most men do not understand how to give an oral sex to a woman. There are three major mistakes that men do oral sex to women. To understand these errors, men must understand their women – especially the most sensitive area of ​​women: clit.

Clitoris has more sensitive nerve endings in a pea size area than in all its genital area. Where men need a more difficult touch, women need relatively microscopic movements to get the same feeling. Because the genitals of men are out and exposed to friction against clothes and dry air, they are relatively difficult and need more difficult stimulation – on the other hand, the genital organs of women are protected and generally not affected by clothes or air, so they are sensitive. This is another reason why women are so sensitive about their clit and why they have different needs of men during oral sex. However, men devotect in spite of that, so they do what would be good for them, which has the opposite effect on their wives. This leads to the mistakes that men do with oral sex:

Oral sex error number 1: too intense. Many men like an intense repetitive touch; They therefore automatically think that women will love an intense touch during oral sex. To feel what it could be like for a woman, take your tongue and scrub the roof of your mouth several times for 30 seconds. Note how the roof of your mouth becomes believed and numb. Clitoris of a woman is 1000 times more sensitive than the roof of your mouth – so much repetitive right touching like this while oral sex will be unpleasant for her to say the least.

Oral sex error number 2: do not listen. Error number two men do when you give oral sex to their wives, it is because they do not listen to the language of the body. When you are there, you may notice that she has put a small pressure on a thigh or other – or she can tilt her pool in one way or another. During passionate moments, these movements are often misunderstood as “press me stronger”. However, what it does is to direct you. The movements are small, so be on the lookout for these – the reason they are small are the stimulated area and the surrounding area is small. Very light position or angle movements can have a huge effect. So, you stay motionless and let it position where it wants. Simply know this: In fact, she wants you to go stronger or deeper, she will let you know.

Oral sex error number 3: poorly shaved face. This one is obvious, but many men make this mistake. Men need to shave before playing oral sex – do it close and make it clean. Men do not like sand paper rubbed on their parts – and women do not like it either. Do you have a beard or beard? Make sure you do not cut it the day you may be with your wife. Freshly shaved mustaches are like small sharp daggers. In addition, wash your face and beard, then use the rinse cream on to make it as soft as possible. She will appreciate that!

Avoid these errors when you give an oral sex to a woman will increase immensely; His chances of having an orgasm during oral sex will be considerably increased; And she will want to be satisfied again and again. Men who discover good oral sex techniques can become magnates for the desire and sex of their wife.