Sex Tips for Guys to Give their Women Real Pleasure in Bed

Sex Tips for Guys to Give their Women Real Pleasure in Bed

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As much as mean want to have to satisfy themselves when having sex with their partner, they may feel real satisfaction if they have pleased their woman in bed. A pleasant sex will make relationships last and sexual lives amazing. If you are a guy, here are some sex tips you can use to give your beloved woman the pleasure of her lifetime:

Jump-Start your Sex Education

Keep in mind that you are not born as a great lover. Your experience and knowledge of sex will make you one. Read sex books to learn about sex techniques and positions as well as understand female desires and orgasms. Most of these books are fun to brush up on and can get you really excited.

Value Her Uniqueness

While you may learn sex generally, you have to understand that things work differently for different women. That is why you must get to know your woman’s body and ask her what she desires. Getting her feedback during and after your sex will help you get better at pleasing her in bed. Keep an eye on her responses and bodily reactions and adjust your approach accordingly. Never compare her to your past women. While your past experiences will make a great foundation of sexual skills, you have a new woman who has her own unique sexual desires and needs. Also, make sure you respect your woman’s ability to get aroused and experience pleasure.

Invest in Her Pleasure

No matter how casual or serious your relationship with her, make sure you invest in her pleasure. Making her feel good should also make you feel good. Ask your partner how you can make her feel satisfied. Tell her how her moans turn you on. Take time to concentrate on her body.

Let Her Reach Orgasm without Being Pressured

Just because you invest in her pleasure should not mean you pressure her to orgasm. Although it will make you feel good to help her achieve it, do not make your partner feel like she has to. A lot of women are sensitive to feel pressured by their men in the bedroom. However, orgasm is not possible if it feels like an expectation. Pleasing her in bed should be about making her feel good instead of boosting your ego. Therefore, do not make your partner feel guilty if she fails to reach orgasm. This is one of the sex tips for guys that you must keep in mind if you want to give her real pleasure.

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