Selecting Your First Sex Toy? Here Are Some Quick Tips!

Selecting Your First Sex Toy? Here Are Some Quick Tips!

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More and more women are willing to try sex toys, and they don’t want to limit their options anymore. Gone are days when a basic dildo was considered to be enough. If you are someone who has never tried self-stimulation, finding your first sex toy might be a tad more confusing than you think, especially because the number of options are way too many. Below, we have listed down some of the easiest tips that you need to know.

  1. Get a vibrator. Some resources say that women enjoy great orgasms with a vibrator. Now, if you look at the range of vibrators, the choices can be pretty overwhelming to say the least. A better idea is to choose a product that’s just meant for vibration. These run on battery, and the shape depends on the purpose of the toy. For example, if you are a little apprehensive, you can go for a smaller bullet-style vibrator, which works well for clitoral stimulation. Then there are designs that are meant for insertion and blend the good features of the wand with the dildo.

  1. Find something for the G-spot. Did you know that getting excited at the G-spot requires no penis? Yes, you can get the right kind of arousal with fingers too! Expectedly, G-spot stimulators are quite liked by women, and these come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, but usually, there’s a curve/dome-shaped tip that helps with the stimulation.
  2. Don’t rush. In case you don’t reach your climax with a toy, don’t be surprised, and remember, this is perfectly normal. A lot of us don’t really experiment with toys in the ways we should, but there’s something for everyone. You can check websites like, where many sorts of toys are enlisted. Play around, experiment with your body and allow yourself to enjoy the pleasure that these toys are meant to ensure.

Final word – Check the instructions. Every toy manufacturer usually sets a list of don’ts, which must be followed. For example, a bullet vibrator shouldn’t be used for penetration, especially if it’s too small. Keep a check on these aspects and make sure to keep a check on cleanliness and hygiene. If possible, do not share your personal toys – These are meant for personal use only! Check online now and grab the one that fits your bill. After all, you deserve all that tease and more!

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