Sex & Love

Public Places To Make Love

Having sex at public places means doing it without being caught. Though this is not right, yet the excitement of having it without getting caught is very arousing. There are some public places where you can have it to add thrill to your life. A Multi-storey car park is one such place. Park your car very high up and far away from the exit point. Give yourself and your partner a lot of comfort and space by reclining the passenger seat. If the car has leather seats, lay a blanket over it so that your skin does not get stick to it.

A storeroom is also one of the public places to have sex. This is an unusual place. Many visitors do not enter the storeroom frequently. The trial room in the department store is another place to have sex. Accompany your partner to the trial room when she enters to try some of her clothes. It is ideal if you opt for a store on the higher floors because there is less traffic than the ones located on the ground floor. Making love on the beach is also a good option. The best time is post-midnight when people are sleeping.

Crazy places to have sex

There is always a feeling of being caught while having sex outside. This feeling enhances the thrill to have it. Some people neither do nor prefer to do it only in the bedroom but try to explore other places too. Bedroom for them is boring and bland. They want to try out sex at daring and unknown places. The craziest places people look out for having sex may be shocking. One crazy place is a bar or the dance floor that is surrounded by many people. It is dark at these places and there, loud music gets played with the flickering lights.

Though having sex in the car can be a thrilling experience, yet if you consider a public transport like bus it can add more excitement. Here, you will be surrounded by strangers. Although it is not recommended it can be quite thrilling. A library is another crazy place. It is a quiet place. One can never think of anything like this risky. Due to this, it can turn on many people. People have heard of having sex at the office. If the employees get caught they would be fired right away. Still, people try to have it without being caught. These crazy places add a lot of thrill and spice to sex life.

Eliminate boredom in sex

All things that are repetitive can be boring such as doing the same work or watching the same television show or playing the same game. This is same as the sex life. It becomes quite boredom if the places to have sex are same with the same positions. Change can reduce the boredom. Make changes to surprise your partner. If total change is not possible, make half change, like, change the location. It could be the living room, the bathroom, the car, or the storeroom. Change the venue too like a public place.