How To Properly Use Your Sex Doll?

Congratulations if you’ve recently acquired a sex love doll. You’ve made an excellent investment. A sex doll will provide society with sexual enjoyment and even spice up your relationships. A sex doll is unconcerned with your work, vehicle, appearance, or the contents of your briefcase. They’re always up for a good time and won’t judge you based on your fantasies or hangups.

Now for the most important aspect of all. It’s a significant investment. You may have even gone into debt to get your doll. We want to ensure that you receive the most bang for your buck with your investment. We’ve put up this ‘user’s guide’ to help you out. Here, we’ll cover all you need to know about your sex doll, how to keep track of it, and how to get the most out of your new relationship.

Collecting & Unboxing Your Sex Doll

The time has finally come! You probably did your research, located the best sex doll store on the internet, and found the doll of your dreams a couple of weeks ago. It may be the lady you’ve imagined in your goals, and she’s finally come. You’ve followed her journey from our manufacturing site to the shipping facility, and now she’s just outside your door.

When you see the box at the front of your door, you can scarcely control your joy. You hardly know the delivery person as you sign for the parcel, and your palm shakes slightly. Your whole focus is on the box and even more so on what’s within it. But wait, cowboy, hold your horses! Before you bed your new sweetheart, there’s one more thing you need to do: make sure she’s appropriately taken out and assembled.

Step 1: carefully carry the package to a room with plenty of floor space in your home.

Many people are surprised by how profound the gift is when they receive their sex doll for the first time. Most full size sex dolls weigh between fifty and seventy pounds, including all packing! When your wholly prepared sex doll comes, she might weigh up to eighty pounds. If you’re disabled, old, or live on the fifth floor, prepare yourself for how you will transport this package. You will tip the delivery person to assist you if you have a detailed buddy who is likewise an honest assistant.

Because you’ll have to put your sex doll flat on the cluster near the box, a room with smart and a fair amount of floor space could be an excellent spot to remove her.

Step 2: Using a boxcutter, knife, or other tools, cut the package open along the seams.

Cut the tape on the box’s uppermost edges to open it up once it’s been set on the ground at your chosen location. If you don’t want to risk cutting your new favourite sex partner, don’t go too deep with the knife. Once the packing tape on the seams has been cut, the box may open up like a coffin.

Step 3: Wash your hands!

You don’t need to smudge or stain your new sex doll’s flawless skin with your unclean hands now that she’s ready to be taken out of her box! Before contacting the sex doll, make sure your gloves are spotless.

Step 4: Take your new sex doll’s top off.

A ball-sized sphere of packing foam rests on the higher thighs of your sex doll, and this can be the top of your new sex doll. Take the top of the bag and carefully remove the foam coating. Please place the sex doll head on prime the bag next to the box on the ground. You’ll get to that when you’ve removed the body.

When you’re not wearing the top, save the bag to store it in.

Step 5: Remove the remaining accessories from the package.

Frequently, items like clothing, a closet storage system, and home renovation equipment are included in the bundle. Take everything out of the box and put it in a safe place. After this phase, all that should be left in the box is the doll’s body and hence the blanket on which she lies.

Step 6: Using a pair of scissors, remove the foam from the doll’s body.

Throughout this portion, it’s critical to keep an eye on everything. This video demonstrates how to remove the foam from the doll’s body with precision.

Step 7: Using the blanket, lift the doll out of the box.

Wrap your arms around the doll and blanket and carefully lift her out of the box, placing her next to it.

Step 8: Put the wig on your new sex doll and attach the top.

Congratulations! You’ve completed the unwrapping of your sex dolls.

Have Sex With Your Sex Doll

If you’ve come to look at the most important event, you’ve come to the right place. Despite a few exceptions, most of our clients buy these dolls for a realistic, sexual society. They’re made for this, and they’re guaranteed to provide you with a lot of fun and excitement. The key is to stick to some best practices to get a lot of experience, and your sex doll will be there for you for years to come.

Have Vaginal Sex With Your Doll

Your doll and you are having vaginal sex. One of the most frequent methods for people to enjoy their silicone polymer dolls is to play with them. Every female sex doll we sell includes a fully functional canal. You may choose between a detachable or a mounted canal for several of our sex dolls. On our website, we have a habit of representing the depth of each doll epithelial duct gap. Make sure you choose a sex doll that is the right size for you.

Chemical elements or TPE are used to make all of our dolls. Each one has a realistic feel to it. Our vaginas are created to provide pleasure and make you feel like you’re having sex with an actual human.

The procedure works in the same way that you may expect. You place the doll in the desired approach, then pierce the sex doll and proceed as usual. The combination of friction and pressure feels incredible.

Men are frequently questioned if it is OK for them to end up inside their dolls. The answer is a resounding yes. It’s a prevalent use, and our dolls were made for it. We’ll get into specifics about caring for your doll when the first part is completed.

Lubricate Your Sex Doll

The majority of people choose to utilise a substance so that their sexual encounters are straightforward and enjoyable. Always choose a water-based product if you’re doing this. Lubricants that are oil-based or silicone-based may injure your dolls and discolour them.

Apply the substance to the area where you will be penetrating. Said, don’t go too far. When you try to utilise too many items at once, things can rapidly get sticky and messy. Here’s a tiny bit of sex doll life professional advice. If you need a lot of lubrication in some time, try adding a small amount of hot water instead. It will activate the material, and it is normally all you want to proceed with your expertise.

Some people prefer to take a more practical approach. The powder is commonly used for this purpose. Although this minimises friction, it results in a sexual experience that is utterly different.

Store Your Sex Doll

Now that your sex doll is assembled and ready to go, it’s time to think about storage. Don’t get the United Kingdom wrong! We’re all for it if you’re at ease having your doll being out in the open. However, the general people must be a little more discreet. That’s why each sex doll we offer comes with a storage kit. You’ll utilise this to keep your sex doll in a closet or another residence when you aren’t using it.

TPE and silicone polymer are both temperatures sensitive. That’s something to keep in mind after you’ve decided where you’ll keep your doll. Your sex doll is OK if it remains undamaged in a reasonable temperature range. However, there may be cracking or warping under extreme heat or cold temperatures. For example, a hot attic with no ventilation or air conditioning isn’t the most incredible setting for your doll in the summer.