How to clean a love doll

Proper cleanliness care for your sex doll is an incredibly top maintenance priority you should concern about as its owner. The most frequent question many new users tend to ask of these dolls is, ‘how do I clean them?

Firstly, note that like you who bathe and change into new/ clean clothes so should be the case with these dolls if you mean to take good care of them. However, given that they are not any living beings, they come with specialised manufactures’ described cleaning method which works effectively. Some realistic sex doll shops like HXDOLL even give away free sex doll cleaners, which makes cleaning dolls easy.

How to clean a sex doll may vary depending on a lot of factors, including the material available. However, the cleaning mainly concerns either the vaginal, Oral, or Anal areas. Below is an explanation of how you can do the cleaning using appropriate items/ equipment.

Virginal douching

In this procedure, a virginal irrigator gets utilised. It is one suitable tool best for vaginal cleaning activity for these tools. Its user procedure is quite simple and straight forward.

First, fit it with cold water and use it to flush out the vaginal/ anal content out. Secondly, refill it again with warm water with an addition of a soap detergent then use it again to do the flushing.

Note that you should do this in an area with a drainage system to have the flushed out content run into the septic channel. Also, for better results, it is of high recommendation that you carry out this procedure immediately you finish with the doll.

A soft sponge mounted on a Stick       

To beep up your cleaning, you can use a scrubber, in this case, a luffa mounted on a stick. It will help clear out the remaining residues the vaginal irrigator could not flush out. The remaining contents may begin producing a bad odour or even decompose to produce an unpleasant chemical to the doll’s make material.

With the luffa on a stick, gently rub the internal sections of the doll’s vagina, anus, and even mouth then flush again with the vaginal irrigator.

Note that when scrubbing, use a soap detergent to help kill the bacteria and also remove any stubborn residues.

Adjustable shower stream

Using a handheld shower, you can quickly clean your love doll in seconds after use. This method is much better and effective, especially with an adjustable shower stream. You can either set it to either the following just by regulating the pressure level.


  • Wide rain
  • Power Massage
  • Stay-Warm Mist
  • Eco Rain or
  • Pause Mode

If you would love to take a bath with your partner, then this method of cleaning will serve you right – you will be cleaning her while enjoying the company as well.

However, note that with this procedure, reaching out to the internal sections of her vagina or anus may be difficult. You will have to use other cleaning methods for it.

Spray Bottle

The use of a Squirt Bottle is usually the better alternative to those who are not able to afford the vaginal irrigator tool – they function the same when filled with water/ washing detergent. The two work in a more similar manner.

By squeezing the bottle, water contained inside will squirt into the vaginal, anal or mouth chamber and flush out the deposited debris or residues. Warm water mixed with detergents is appropriate when using this method.


Sex doll cleaning procedure remain similar despite which type: high-end, midlevel, or low end. It is basically a no rocket science activity which only requires few tools and equipment. Mastering the procedure is of worth; otherwise, you might be risking damaging sections of ‘her.’