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How Safe is Dental Sex?

It’s a common held thought that dental sex is protected and for that reason is also referred to as “safer sex”. But the truth is a myth which dental sex includes a chance of transmitting Aids along with other sexually transmitted illnesses. The danger is viewed much more in serodiscordant couples where one partner is Aids positive and yet another Aids negative. The danger can also be great in individuals who inject drugs and share needles. Unprotected dental sex is safer than unprotected rectal and vaginal sex yet there’s a danger connected by using it. The U.S Disease Control (CDC) classifies it as being high-risk behavior.

What’s dental sex?

It’s giving or receiving dental stimulation towards the penis, the vagina or even the anus. Dental sex in females is called cunnilingus and that’s stimulating a lady using the tongue into her vagina.

What risk to I face after i have dental sex?

For those who have an unprotected dental sex then you will have a risks connected by using it. We’re all unsure that although getting dental sex using the women in your life you will find likelihood of Aids to become transmitted. Bleeding gums along with other teeth illnesses you can get near to STDs. Herpes continues to be stated to become transmitted from genital area to mouth and mouth to genital area. You may even have cut or sores inside your mouth that may do harm.

Steps to make dental sex safe?

Use condoms. Using latex condoms could make dental sex safe. If you think it features a rubbery taste than use flavored condoms and thinner condoms. Keep semen and vagina fluid from the mouth and make certain that the mouth is good and clean without teeth and gum problems. There shouldn’t have any sores or cuts because they are the reason behind the problem during dental sex. Lots of care ought to be taken in regards to the hygiene as because of dental sex bacteria can enter a ladies body both through her private parts and mouth.

You spread bacteria, cold and flu infections with exchange of fluids. There’s a danger of transmitting gonorrhea in the penis towards the throat and the opposite way round too. It is usually suggested to possess you tested after couple of several weeks of getting dental sex.

The only real benefit of dental sex is you cannot conceive. You don’t lose your “virginity” from dental sex.