Are Penis Size and Performance Linked?

Are Penis Size and Performance Linked?

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It’s no secret that men have always been a little obsessed with penis size and almost every man has thought about enhancing the size of his member at one point or another. This is mostly because men believe that their performance in the bedroom is directly linked to penis size.

What Men Think About Penis Size

The average erect penis is about 13cms in length yet many men would prefer to be bigger.

So why are men so fixated on size? Even though the biological function of the penis is to reproduce, men still place an emphasis on size, with most believing that bigger really is better. Many studies suggest that porn has played a leading role in men’s beliefs about penis size and is the main reason why they seek out the best male enhancement treatments in Australia.

The reality is that most men have a perfectly normal penis and don’t need to be concerned with size.

What Women Think About Penis Size

While most women want a man who is attractive, intelligent and has a sense of humour, she still wants to be sexually satisfied.

Penis size is made up of both length and girth but according to several studies, girth is far more important to women than length. There are generally only a handful of women who actually prefer length, with most stating that too much length can be painful.

What You Need to Know About Penis Size

When it comes to pleasing your partner in bed, the size of your penis is only one of the factors that come into play. The strength of your erection, foreplay and the duration of intercourse also matter.

There is no evidence that suggests penis size is directly related to your performance in the bedroom as intercourse is only part of the entire experience. Having more girth can potentially affect how much pleasure your partner experiences because there is a greater feeling of “fullness” during intercourse but again, this is only one factor.

It’s important to remember that women can experience both vaginal and clitoral orgasms so there is more than one way to provide a pleasurable experience in the bedroom. A penis with more girth is capable of stimulating the many nerves around the opening of the vagina, which is another reason why girth is preferred over length.

Penis Enhancement Options

Achieving more girth doesn’t have to involve the use of painful devices or require surgery. Dermal fillers have fast become one of the safest and most effective ways to temporarily increase penis size without any harmful effects.

Dermal fillers are made up of hyaluronic acid, which is completely safe and can be dissolved should you be unsatisfied with the results of your enhancement. The best part is that you don’t need to deal with a painful recovery period, scarring and other risks such as infection.

With that being said, dermal fillers treatments are also only as safe as the doctor you choose, so do your research before scheduling an appointment.

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