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5 things that lesbians and gay men can do to feel better about sex

The possibility of enjoying sex is one of the great things on the gay being. Some people say that being gay means they feel less restricted and more sexually free in terms of what they can do with their body, with whom and when. But many people struggle with feelings of guilt, shame and fear associated with being informed of gay sex are not “normal” or “natural” or “right” in a certain way.

Enjoy sex.

These ideas that certain types of sexual relations are “non-normal”, “non-natural” or “false” are the result of fear and prejudices. Individuals and institutions will often cite a branch of science or religion to defend their opinions, but at the heart of these objections, there are generally personal fears and personal stories.

A lack of experience or unpleasant or disturbed experiences can also make it difficult for you to enjoy sex. Some people have their first gay sexual experiences as they are teenagers, others not before their 20, 30 years or later. Some people are comfortable with their sexuality when they have their first experiences or are not afraid of others who know it. Others go long lengths to keep the family secret of the family and colleagues. Some people have consensual sex and some people remember their first sexual experience as one of the abuses.

We are all different and our bodies change over time throughout our lives so that we can also change in terms of what we love and enjoy and what we do not do.

Talking about sex can sometimes help. Maybe if you have difficulties, there is a confidence friend with whom you can talk? A counselor or therapist specializing in work with homosexuals can also be able to help. Forums are another source of information and support to help you appreciate sex. ??

What if you do not enjoy sex.

Sometimes we do not feel good to do sex, or we feel bad after having sex. People may have the idea that because they love sex, then feel bad later, they have sexual addiction. If our education or family or the dominant ideas around us have not supported our sexuality, we can find it hard to be who we are!

If you are gay and you feel bad about having sex, there are things you can do.

1. Get to know other gay or lesbian men who feel good about their sexuality;

2. Do you say that, simply because you like sex, it does not mean that there is something wrong with you (for example, that does not mean that you are a substance abuse);

3. Start talking about sex for favorable people, even if it is anonymously on support forums;

4. Remember that dominant cultural ideas have contributed to the way you feel, but alternative ideas about sex and relationships are as valid;

5. If you have experienced sexual abuse, emotional abuse or particularly child abuse, treatment or therapy could be helpful in helping you enjoy sex and relationships.

An advisor should not try to impose his own values ​​and beliefs on you. But by asking questions and helping you explore your own values ​​and commitments, hopes and plans, advisor or therapist can help you feel better about you and sex.