Time to Spice Things up With Fetishes and Kink

Time to Spice Things up With Fetishes and Kink

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Are things in your bedroom becoming a little bit of what can be termed as stale? Do not sit around and wait for things to fall apart. Kink and exploring fetishes are probably what is missing. This is getting to the mainstream, and you no longer have reason to hide it. I mean, there is no shame in being a little playful behind closed doors. You have probably fantasized about getting off to the weirdest of things. But hello! Nothing is weird anymore, especially when it comes to what makes you nut. Do not have a miserable sex life while you have all of the following at your disposal.

  1. Foot fetish

This is not new. It is something that you have probably have your friends talking about. Or something you have actually seen in one of the adult movies with this alpha guy wearing a pair of tuccipolo luxury shoes with the woman kneeling and worshipping the shoe. From the experiences you have heard about and actually see, it is something that you totally want to give a shot. Some change will do. Something that may sound as simple as getting off in a pair of lovely heels will get you hooked, and there will be no looking back.

If you are not new to this, you could ask your partner to treat you to some humiliation and face trampling. Make everything juice by caressing those lovely feet and kissing the shoes. Sooner or later, you will find yourself being turned on by a simple act of cleaning shoes. Anything for the boner, right?

  1. Cuckolding

There is no denying the fact that this is something that will turn you on instantly. Well, that is if you do not let jealousy get the better of you. Ever thought getting off to watching your partner getting laid by someone else? Well, cuckolding is something close to having a threesome just that you do not get to participate: which makes everything even better!

If being humiliated turns you on, this is your chance to get a generous share of orgasms.

  1. Impact play

I am almost certain that you have thought about this a couple of times: if not every day. If you are fond of giving spanks then impact play is something that will make you nut effortlessly. You should think of going shopping and get fancy tools and get it going.

  1. Gagging

Does gagging turn you on? Then what’s stopping you? The idea of someone choking on your junk will massage your ego and give you orgasms at the same time. It does not have to be the routine blow job. You have so much to explore that you would get done with if you started now? Have you ever thought off gagging on objects, like shoes? The experience can be mind-blowing. It could become your ultimate turn on as the thought of it being you thrusting kicks in.

Try all that out. Do not waste your breathe on boring sex!

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